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Thru the Chairs by Carole DeeCarole Dee is a Massachusetts author who has written 2 books to date. Her first novel, Thru the Chairs is inspired by a love of sailing and boating as the plot follows the main character, Tony (Anthony) Vendetti, through the chairs to become the Commodore of the Briar Ridge Yacht Club.

Margaret and the Bully by Carole Dee

Her second book is a children's book about bullying, Margaret & the Bully is drawn from a family experience with a bully and how it was resolved. Margaret and the Bully was written with the help of her grandchildren to help other children and their families as they try to resolve similar situations.


The Bully Returns to Margaret- the sequel to Margaret and the Bully

The Bully Returns To Margaret, the sequel to Margaret and the Bully is here! Learn how Margaret feels when she hears Earl will be back on the bus in Middle School.  Is Earl the same bully he was or did he get the help he needed?  Will Earl and Margaret’s first meeting be happy? How do the other classmates he bullied react?  Does this have a happy ending or not? Order your copy today to see what happens when Earl returns.



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